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About Me

Hi, I’m George & Wellness has been my obsession for over 10 Years!

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“My entire life I was obese. My mom always blamed childhood Asthma and the steroid inhalers. I blame egg sandwiches and the infinite amount of food I was able consume.  I never blame her as I just never knew better and it was my way of life. Through life I was always the biggest but I embraced it. I was the kid everyone loved but that no one would date. During high school I ballooned to 320 pounds and enjoyed life as it was a fun time. But after high school I was lonely and ate. I got up to 380 pounds and needed a change. So I started to play handball and only ate tuna fish. Well in 2 years I lost 160 and felt great but did it all wrong. Slowly I started to eat again and gained it all back getting up to 395 pounds. During all this I was friends with George on Facebook and I always saw his images of people he helped and the progress they made. 


I spoke to him several times but it was never the right time to start the system. Several most years went by and I decided to get serious. I started and I had no clue the amount of dedication and the reprogramming of my own body that would take place. I never thought in a million years that the system would work so well. Turns out its not just the system but the care and dedication that George puts in. He never stopped reaching out to offer advice and to just check up. At first the calls were too much but then I realized they were not enough so I embraced the calls and started to utilize him and his knowledge. He would break things down to the molecular level to the point I understood what he was saying, it should be said I dropped out of college because I hate biology. 

There were no surprises, every step of the way I had a heads up or hey Anthony what about if you tried this instead or my favorite He’ll yeah that’s a great idea. As his coaching continued I felt great about my progress. I was literally melting. 

After 6 months I am officially down 75 pounds and I am off some of the pills for high blood pressure. My pants went from size 50 with the extended waist to 40 slim jeans. 5xl shirts to 2xl. Life is starting to be great. I started exercising and moving again. My biggest accomplishment besides the weight loss is being able to go to Disney and ride all the rides; as last time I was just a spectator.

 I realize how to eat and what to eat. I understand labels and portion control is instilled in my mind.  One of the best parts about a healthy lifestyle is you know what you can eat and then you formulate your life around it. Never did I think with the amount I now eat would make me feel nourished but that was the 1 thing George always repeated and I am glad he did. So thank you my friend as without you my life may of not hit the reboot button.

One bit of advice I can share would be it’s never too late. Don’t give up on yourself because weight issues is life or death.” Anthony C.

Anthony C.


Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

During our call, we’ll get crystal clear on what you’ve tried to lose weight (and why it hasn’t worked), and exactly what YOU need to lose the weight for good!

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